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As a startup, you need to lay a structural foundation for your entity to be able to grow while you build your business. You need to decide how you are going to raise the necessary capital to fund your businesses. Is it going to be personal and/or family loans? Private equity? Debt financing? Or another source? There are also tax considerations that may impact your decision. These are just some of the matters you need to consider that helps determine what kind of entity you should form.

  • Sole proprietor

  • S-Corp

  • C-Corp

  • LLC

  • LLP

Making the right decisions in the beginning ensures that your hard work is not lost. The foundation you lay is critical to when it comes time for you to consider your exit strategy. Jack has counseled clients in the formation of over a hundred entities, closed hundreds of acquisitions, and represented both buyers and sellers of single entities and entire portfolio businesses. He has also helped startup companies raise millions of dollars to start their businesses.

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