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Liquor Law

Whether as a microbrewery, brewpub, distillery, general food & beverage, existing business or as a startup, in the liquor industry, a strong structural foundation is essential for your business to navigate the state and/or federal roadmap to be licensed and maintain compliance, as well as effective contractual counsel and risk management to grow your business. Jack Milford Ford has been a long standing member of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society and has a passion for the distillation of Whisky and whiskies.

Jack has carried over his business and corporate legal knowledge and experience to the liquor law industry in the following areas:

  • Business entity organization, documentation and maintenance

  • Liquor licensing & regulatory compliance, state and federal

  • Contract negotiation, review and preparation

  • Distribution and license agreements

  • Due diligence/review, negotiation, documentation & closing merger and acquisition transactions as buyer or seller

  • Commercial real estate acquisitions and leases

  • Liquor license proposed hearing actions (fines, suspension, revocation)

  • Risk management

  • Providing general and corporate business/legal counsel

Let Jack counsel You whatever stage you are at, as you start, continue to build, or wind up your business, in order to help you make the right decisions, so that you maximize the return on the value of your time and passion in your journey and venture.

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