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Business and Corporate Counseling

Jack Milford Ford has built up his experience being both a lawyer and a businessman. He has been a key member of the executive management team operating insurance, leasing, real estate and technology companies, and served as an executive in other sectors as well. The advantage over an attorney who only looks at things from a purely legal standpoint lies in the ability to see things from both a business perspective, and not exclusively a legal perspective. Some of his fields of significant expertise include:

  • Formation of business entities

  • Counseling boards of directors

  • Raising equity capital and bridge financing

  • Managing, negotiating, and consummating complex mergers

  • Reviewing acquisitions and transactions

  • Negotiating and drafting contracts and documents

  • Commercial real estate acquisitions and leases

  • Intellectual technology license agreements

  • Federal and state regulatory licensing

  • Compliance and filings

  • Documentation & management

Risk Management

Jack gives his clients the options so they may look at things from a pros and cons standpoint. Any businessperson worth their weight in gold will gather as much information as possible in order to address the parameters of the decision at hand, such as negotiating a contract i.e. the respective roles, responsibilities, remuneration, fees/expenses, liability, services & service levels, dispute resolution, regulatory, etc. Jack further provides counsel to boards of directors and key management clients to reduce liability risk associated with breach of contracts, litigation, and exposure to lawsuits.

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