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Jack Milford Ford specializes in navigating the legal issues of the Electronic Funds Transfer industry, specifically including the ATM arena. He has over twenty-three years of experience in dealing with the legal matters that surround the ATM, EFT, & check cashing industry.

Jack’s legal experience in the ATM, EFT, & check cashing industry include the following areas:

  • Business organization, documentation and maintenance

  • Contract negotiation, review and preparation

    • ATM Processing Agreements, variations 

    • ATM Placement Agreements, variations

    • ATM Offsite Owner Agreements, variations

    • ATM Processing Agreements

    • ATM Sponsorship Agreements

    • ATM Third Party Service Provider Agreements

    • ATM Cash Provider & Armored Carrier Agreements

  • Due diligence/review of acquisition targets and portfolios

  • Regulatory licensing compliance, including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as related to ATM ADA requirements

  • Merger and acquisition documents

  • Working with Independent ATM Deployers (IAD)

  • Negotiating and closing transactions

  • Providing general and corporate counsel to internal departments

  • Working with Sponsoring Banks

  • Representing Third Party Service Providers

  • Regulatory Compliance including: Bank Security Act (BSA), Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations

Since 1998, Jack has served numerous roles in the ATM arena, including in-house legal counsel, and outside legal counsel to numerous companies, and has helped form and organize and various IADs and third party service providers. He has covered a wide spectrum of transactions with IAD’s, sponsoring banks, ATM manufacturers, processors, service bureaus, armored carriers, large and & technology companies. 


As an ATMIA member, Jack continues to stay informed of the current legal issues, and the latest regulations in the ATM and EFT industry.

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