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A collection of interesting information relevant to JMFord Law Office’s clients

ATMIA Workshop Presentation – Contract Data Management

As presented by Jack Milford Ford at ATMIA 2017 in Orlando JMFord Law Contract Data Management

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Jack Named Honorary ATM Champion by ATMIA

  See all the other great champions of the ATM industry over at ATMIA’s Industry Champion’s Page

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What is Risk Mitigation? – EMV Chip Liability Shift

Why are so many US ISOs still at great financial risk due to the EMV Chip Liability Shift for ATMs that is now happening within the US? For most of my legal career (40 plus years), regardless of whether I was company counsel, law firm partner, state attorney general office, or running my own law...

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Jack Awarded ATMIA 2015 Outstanding Service Award

We’re proud to see Jack awarded the ATMIA Outstanding Service Award at the New Orleans conference. The official ATMIA press conference is below:   ATMIA Outstanding Service Award Winners Announced The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) honored three individuals for outstanding service to the industry at its annual awards ceremony during the association’s 17th annual US...

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ATMIA US Conference – Acquisition Process Presentation

Thank you all for attending my presentation in New Orleans. Here are the docs we discussed – please contact us if you have any questions.

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