We’re proud to see Jack awarded the ATMIA Outstanding Service Award at the New Orleans conference. The official ATMIA press conference is below:

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ATMIA Outstanding Service Award Winners Announced
The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) honored three individuals for outstanding service to the industry at its annual awards ceremony during the association’s 17th annual US conference and expo last week in New Orleans, which attracted over 1,000 delegates.

ATMIA’s awards are used sparingly but recognize great service to the ATM industry, commented Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA.

ATMIA would like to thank Mr. Kurt Helwig, President and CEO of EFTA and presiding Chairman of ATMIA, for congratulating the award winners.

The three award winners were:

 Elizabeth Bohlen

Elizabeth Bohlen, SVP, Chief Payments Officer, Pueblo Bank & Trust – Outstanding Service Award, USA

 Jack Milford Ford

Jack Milford Ford, Attorney at Law – Outstanding Service Award, USA

 Eric de Putter

Eric de Putter, Managing Partner, Payment Redesign – International Consultant of the Year

Given the profile of ATMIA’s consultants, I am extremely honoured to be chosen as the international consultant of the year, commented Eric de Putter. There’s a lot of change in our industry and I’d like to continue to guide the industry in terms of knowledge about our markets, technology and regulatory developments, as well as offering strategic advice.

It is an exciting, as well as challenging, time to be involved in the ever changing, evolving payments industry within the United States, said US award winner Jack Ford, of JMFord Law Office. ATMIA has been deeply involved and played a significant role over the past 16 years in the cash payments arena within the payments industry. I thank ATMIA for the opportunity to contribute to their continuing position in the forefront of the evolution of cash/electronic payments.

I’d like to thank these winners for their positive contribution to the continued up-building of the ATM industry, Lee stated.

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